Family Night Bible Study

A night of fellowship, with a free meal, followed by individual, interactive studies for all ages

Family Night

Every Thursday at CASE we host our Family Night. Starting at 6 PM we share a meal together, then everyone goes to their different groups. We offer a unique Bible Study for Adults, Kids, and Youth, each with their own engaging study on the Word of God. Thursday nights are also the nights we run special courses, meant to dive deep into parts of being a follower of God that you might only taste on a Sunday morning. Signup for these courses will be available at The HUB, and will be announced in advance so you can plan ahead!

YEG Youth Bible Study

Every Thursday YEG Youth meet for a unique and insightful Bible Study, where we dive deep into God's Word and how it applies to our lives.

WorldChangers Workshop

The WorldChangers Workshop is a place for elementary students to learn about who Jesus is, who God created them to be, and how they can serve God in everything they do. Every 4-6 weeks, there will be a new devotional series and skill-building Workshop time that will help them grow in and develop new talents.

WorldChangers Thursday PM: 

Little WorldChangers: Infant - 4 years

WorldChangers Workshop: Grades K-6

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us below!